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Print and use these free online resources for young children and parents. 

what are your career goals?


Print and use this simple career goal worksheet to write or draw your goals as a student. 


money matters word find 


Print and complete this crossword to test your money knowledge.


explore careers using our star chart


Use this simple star chart to explore activities that you enjoy now and how they might relate to a future career!


action ladder


Chart your progress towards your money goals using our action ladder. 


career day thank you notes


Have you been on a career day visit, office tour, or take your child to work day? Use this template to make your own thank you card. 


bank template


Use this template and a tissue box to make your own bank.



View video to learn about owning and running your own business from youth entrepreneurs.

STEM activity suggestions & STEM career resource suggestions



Print and use these free online resources for teens and parents. 

budget builder


Use the online budget builder to create a custom budget for college. 


bank locator


Learn about free bank accounts for teens and young adults & learn how banking & direct deposit can help you! 


student budget 


Print and use this budget template for students.


resume template


Use this resume template to develop your own resume. 


Ben Knows $: Money Smart Activity Book 


Click here to download a youth money smart activity book in Spanish and English. 

Hope Builders: Parent Resource 


Print and use these resources for parents in spanish and english 


Credit Savvy (English / Spanish)

Bank On It (English / Spanish)

Saving at Tax Time (English / Spanish

    Weekly Budget Ledger


Set a budget for your income and expenses.


Do you need assistance finding a safe, affordable bank account for adults? Do you need help finding free financial education opportunities for adults? Visit

Use this map to find banks in the Chicago Community Areas.

The goal of Bank On Illinois is to ensure that residents have access to a safe and affordable bank or credit union account. Visit

Read this document to learn how to Be Safe When Using Cash Transfer Apps.

How Innovative Programs are Helping System-Involved Youth Succeed by Getting Them Banked

How Two States Used Unemployment Payments to Get Residents Banked

Why does your credit record matter? How is your credit score calculated? Tips for managing credit wisely and more. In English and Spanish.

BEE A SUPER SAVER A money activity book for kids!

Bank On Chicago - Economic Awareness Council Director on Bank On Illinois Steering Committee - See Annual Report Here

*** Use the currency you explored with you Magnify the Mysteries of Money Postcard and the Keep it Safe Crossword Information to respond to these questions online.
Click on the following links to learn more about US Currency and Fraud!
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Teacher Resource: Budget Game 

Chicago Public School teachers:

Contact us to request a copy of our Money Matters budgeting simulation game for your class. 

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missing a resource?

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Visit to find resources that can help you determine your eligibility for a stimulus payment, take steps to get your payment quicker, view frequently asked questions, sign up for direct deposit, and much more. You can also email or call our hotline at 888-553-9777.

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