Economic Awareness Council Success Stories


Jordyn Holman

I joined On the Money in 2009 while I was a sophomore in high school. I participated in the program until I graduated in 2012. Back then, I had a budding interest in journalism and wanted an outlet to develop my writing skills. It was an exciting time to join On the Money. We held our meetings in the recently opened YOUmedia at the Harold Washington Library, and the program gave me a chance to meet students who lived across the city and attended other high schools. Finally, I joined because I think a small part of me figured that it wouldn’t hurt to become more financially literate...

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Amy Jin

 I stumbled across the On the Money (OTM) internship during the very beginning of my senior year in high school. I saw OTM as an opportunity to develop my writing skills, to absorb more financial knowledge, and to gain more self-confidence. Due to the growth I attributed towards the OTM experience, I came back to intern with the Economic Awareness Council (EAC) during my college summers...